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Multimedia Curriculum

Understanding neurocognitive aging is critical to the health and well-being of our aging population and will greatly impact our world. Therefore, expanding our experience and knowledge of this field is imperative. Our nuerocognitive aging videos focus on five separate areas: (1) The Aging Brain (2) Health Disparities & Brian Aging (3) Alzheimer's Disease (AD) Risk Factors (4) Methodological Issues & Brain Aging (5) Neuroimaging & Data Analysis.

For each module, there is a "study guide" to follow along as you view the videos. Additionally, there is a "post-survey" for each video that needs to be completed after watching the video. 

If you are an instructor and wish to present the curriculum to your students, please contact us at  to receive the "Instructor's summary",  which includes video summary and objectives, answers to the study guide and discussion questions.

The Aging Brain

The Aging Brain video thumbnail, Dr. Cuajungco speaking

In this video, we discuss the global aging phenomenon, the differences in normal and non-normal brain and cognitive aging, and challenges and opportunities in the field of aging research.

The Aging Brain Study Guide

The Aging Brain Post-Survey

Health Disparities & Brain Aging

Health disparities video thumbnail, Dr. McEligot speaking

In this video, we explore health disparities and health equity, and factors that are related to inequitable distribution of health, aging, and Alzheimer's disease, specifically focusing on social determinants of health and comorbidities. We also discuss addressing Alzheimer's disease and related dementia's health disparities through bridging the educational equity gap.

Health Disparities & Brain Aging Study Guide

Health Disparities & Brain Aging Post-Survey

Pacific Islander Health & Aging

Pacific Islander video thumbnail, an old Native Hawaiian woman speaking

As an addendum to Health Disparities & Brain Aging video, here we present a Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander community-based perspective on health disparities.

Alzheimer's Disease (AD) Risk Factors

Alzheimer's Disease video thumbnail, Dr. Braskie speaking

In this video, we discuss some risk factors for Alzheimer's disease including non-modifiable risk factors (such as genetic and family history) and modifiable risk factors (such as exercise, diet, sleep, and cardiovascular health).

AD Risk Factors Study Guide

AD Risk Factors Post-Survey


Methodological Issues & Brain Aging

Methodological Issues and Brain Aging video thumbnail, Dr. Behseta speaking

In this video, we discuss introductory study designs in neurocognitive aging research including specific types of observational study designs (cross-sectional, cohort study, and case control), as well as experimental study designs (randomized clinical trial). We also address some methodological issues in neurocognitive aging research such as selection bias.

Methodological Issues & Brain Aging Study Guide

Methodological Issues & Brain Aging Post-Survey

Neuroimaging & Data Analysis

Neuroimaging and Data Analysis video thumbnail, Dr. Toga speaking

In this video, we review various neuroimaging techniques (such as structural and functional MRI) that provide data about brain structure and function, and we discuss some methods for analyzing that data including the basic steps for analyzing fMRI scans, the purpose of applying statistical models or machine learning to neuroimaging data as well as possible paths toward becoming an expert in neuroimaging analytics.

Neuroimaging & Data Analysis Study Guide

Neuroimaging & Data Analysis Post-Survey